Trump tells May: we’ll have a very substantial trade deal

"I don't know exactly what your timing is but stick around let's do this deal", Trump said to the outgoing prime minister - seemingly in jest - in remarks before cameras at the beginning of a roundtable with us and United Kingdom businesses.

"We can't cower and be scared to say boo to a goose because we think it might get us a good trade deal with the U.S.", he said.

On Tuesday, he spoke in front of anti-Trump protestors close to Downing Street, in London, and said he was prepared to have "a dialogue" with anybody about building a more peaceful, just world.

He added to May, who has resigned as Prime Minister: "I don't know what your timing is, but stick around, let's do this deal".

They tweeted a video to Donald Trump, claiming that Johnson had said some "very nasty things" about him. "In this sense, Trump's encouragement of a clean Brexit will if anything help embolden those in Westminster who are still sitting on the fence when it comes to what they seek from Brexit". "They all need to understand: our NHS is not for sale", Mr. Corbyn said on Twitter.

Ahead of talks between May and Trump as part of the USA leader's state visit to Britain, spokeswoman of the prime minister said they would discuss issues including climate change, and that a future trade deal after Brexit would be a "significant focus".

Trump and May looked stony-faced walking up to their joint press appearance and did not shake hands before going into formal talks at the prime minister's Downing Street office.

Mark Davis, 64, a lawyer from California on holiday, said: "Trump could come here and do virtually anything and there are people back in the States who will support him".

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is due to address the protest, which will be attended by several senior lawmakers from his left-of-center party.

After speaking of the U.S. and UK's "great relationship", she also said they had also "openly" discussed their differences, such as on climate change, Iran and China.

But activists hope Trump won't be able to ignore the 20 foot blimp depicting the President as a baby in a diaper that has been flying 30 foot in the air above the protesters.

Trump and his wife Melania arrived on Monday for a three-day state visit that included a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening.

He said the protest was "an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he's attacked in America, around the world and in our own country".

Trump also took the unusual step of saying that Conservative Party leadership candidate Boris Johnson would make an "excellent" leader for Britain.

In the backdrop of the ceremonial welcome, controversy stirred over a row between Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The protest's tone was set by a large statue of Trump sitting on a golden lavatory with his pants around his ankles.

When asked if he would be open to meeting with Khan, Trump said Sunday, "No, I don't think much of him".