Windows 10 May Update Goes Live with new exciting features

The update is being rolled out in a throttled fashion and will soon reach users across the globe.

Microsoft today released the latest Windows 10 update for May 2019.

The safest route is simply to decide upon a day when you'll request the download manually, then schedule it for sometime when you won't be using your PC.

On May 14, Microsoft announced a computer bug it had just patched.

In short, the latest Windows 10 May update v1903 brings more control over updates and greater transparency for a better update experience.

Microsoft recommends users running Windows 10 April 2018 Update aka. v1803 or older to update to this update with the immediate effect as Windows 10 v1803 is going out of service starting June 2019.

Once the Media Creation Tool receives the necessary update, you can download the tool clicking the Download tool now button from this Microsoft support website.

You get a new light theme, Kaomoji support, ability to uninstall more built-in apps, search and Cortana are separated, a cleaner Start menu, a new brightness slider, desktop apps in Windows mixed reality and the ability to pause updates. You are risking to be blocked out of your computer if you have the system protection enabled on Windows 10 and have made a system restore point before installing the most recent update.

Also, you will see that Windows Update is listing you KB4494441 as being the name of the available update. Or if you already have, until the glitches get fixed, avoid a system restore for now.

Since this is a feature update, it will take relatively longer to install, so make sure you do so when you are not in need of your computer. It's good practice to regularly back up your data anyway, but it's especially wise when getting ready to apply a major Windows update.

Another vulnerability revealed by SandboxEscaper is one affecting Internet Explorer 11, a browser Microsoft continues to use in Windows 10 for legacy purposes.

If you want to install the May 2019 Update, select the option (download and install now) and follow the process.

While it's a bit of pain hopefully this approach to updating means fewer instances of Windows updates breaking PCs. You can check which update blocks are in place here.

"Any software installed in Windows Sandbox stays only in the sandbox and can not affect your host". That will be received by Microsoft as a request for the update. The May Update includes a feature called Windows Sandbox, which allows Pro, Enterprise and Education users to run potentially risky software in isolation.