Pelosi says she wishes for family, staff intervention after Trump 'tantrum'

Calling Trump's decision to abruptly end his White House meeting with Democratic leaders a 'temper tantrum, ' House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is praying for the president. Trump's Twitter fingers took over, and the USA president composed a four-tweet statement proclaiming Democrats were "tearing the United States apart" and that it would be impossible for them to "investigate and legislate simultaneously". "I wish his family, his administration or his staff would have an intervention for the good of the country".

President Trump has had enough of the non-stop investigations by Congressional Democrats; telling top party leaders there will be no new infrastructure bill while endless probes into his investigation continue.

Indeed, House Democrats' strategy of stepping back while Trump stonewalls is starting to look more like an unprincipled shirking of their duty to stand up for the Constitution, and commence impeachment hearings before Trump turns America into a Presidential dictatorship. After a meeting with Democratic lawmakers prior to the meeting, Pelosi said the president was engaged in a "cover-up" by fighting congressional subpoenas.

"I came here to do a meeting on infrastructure with Democrats. So get these phony investigations over with'". "I don't do cover-ups", Trump flatly stated, also claiming that he was the "most transparent president" in history.

"That is not the reason [he left, ] that was an excuse for him to do that", she explained.

A federal judge in NY ruled Wednesday that President Donald Trump's attorneys can not block a subpoena issued by House Democrats to obtain his financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One.

"Hello! There were investigations going on three weeks ago when we met, and he still met with us", Schumer reportedly said. "Schumer and Speaker Pelosi, "I want to do infrastructure" ... but we can't do it under these circumstances, '" Trump revealed in a Rose Garden news conference. "It makes me wonder why he did that", said Pelosi following the meeting. "Yes, these could be impeachable offenses, but...we want to follow the facts to get the truth to the American people.and that the president is engaged in a cover-up".

"I think that some, I don't want to speak in too broad a brush, but some members of the House leadership, they're just toying with him", Kennedy told Chuck Todd of MSNBC. "We can walk and chew gum at the same time".

The president claimed it was impossible for him to do his job while at the same time being investigated.