Trump's comments after Mueller report release could be used by Congress

It was impeach President Trump, Russia collusion, and obstruction of justice before the Mueller report was released, and it remains impeach President Trump, Russia collusion, and obstruction of justice after the release of the Mueller report.

The committee wants to hear from Stephen Miller, known as the architect of Trump's hardline immigration policy; Carl Kline, a former Executive Office official who approved Jared Kushner's security clearance despite staffers' concerns; and John Gore, a top Justice Department official who was subpoenaed to testify on the issue of adding a question about citizenship to the United States census. In every major issue facing our country, Democrats seek to inflict as much damage on President Trump as possible in order to boost their political prospects in the 2020 elections. The committee had offered to let a lawyer sit in a different room.

The fact that Trump railed against Mueller to aides and told White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller - which McGahn did not do, and Trump did not press the matter - isn't evidence of obstruction; it is evidence of exasperation.

In a video unearthed from December 1998 circulating on Twitter on Friday, the SC legislator passionately states that Richard Nixon could have been impeached for failing to comply with subpoenas from Congress.

Under the Constitution, Congress is a co-equal branch of government alongside the executive branch and the judiciary.

It also showed the Trump campaign did nothing to rebuff or discourage Russia's improper interventions. Trump defiantly proclaimed on Twitter that the investigation "didn't lay a glove on me". The Republican-controlled Senate won't impeach the president.

It's unclear the White House would have the ability to stop Mueller's testimony if he wanted to speak publicly.

"We're fighting all the subpoenas", Trump said on Wednesday.

Trump seems to be arguing that the risk that McGahn might reveal the substance of high-level conversations he had with the president or other high-level advisers is sufficiently high to keep him out of the witness chair in a House hearing, Schwinn said.

The framers provided for it with just this sort of situation in mind - a president exhibiting little regard for the rule of law and separation of powers whose self-interested maneuverings pose a growing existential threat to the republic.

Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign and over the course of his two-plus years in office, Mr. Trump dismissed news reports that Russian Federation was conducting a disinformation cyberwar on the U.S. Internet to attack Hillary Clinton and support Mr. Trump. But his comments made after the report's release could be used by Congress, as some Democrats look at whether they can start impeachment proceedings.

There is a pronounced party split on impeachment.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi warns they should proceed with caution, and like some presidential hopefuls, asserts that more investigation needs to be done.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a close ally of President Donald Trump's, once said that a president's refusal to comply with congressional oversight was an impeachable offense.

That would not preclude Trump from proceeding with litigation to tie up the issue in the courts, despite Supreme Court precedent upholding congressional impeachment power.

Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard who has been critical of Trump, said the USA founding fathers had considered but ultimately scrapped the idea of allowing the Supreme Court to have any role in the impeachment process.

That reflects a shift in legal tactics for Trump's lawyers. "But the roughly month-long period in the summer of 2017 depicted in Mueller's report details repeated and escalating efforts by the president to stymie the Russian Federation probe".