Uber Mistake Murder: USC Student Died from 'Sharp Force Injuries' After Kidnapping

The police chief said authorities surmise that Josephson got into the Impala because she thought it was her Uber ride.

As Samantha Josephson's hometown of Robbinsville prepares to remember the University of SC senior with a candlelight vigil on Tuesday night, many questions surround the circumstances of her death, including the biggest: Why?

"You guys have to travel together, at night, let's be honest you guys are drinking, leaving the bar or whatever it may be, you get into an Uber, you don't know if it's an Uber, you don't know anything about it", says Seymour Josephson.

"This was a bad scene", the police chief said at a news conference late Saturday.

"What we know now is that she had, in fact, summoned an Uber ride and was waiting for that Uber ride to come", Holbrook told reporters.

The first dark auto Josephson went up to was not her ride, said her father, Seymour Josephson. Later that day, turkey hunters discovered her body more than 65 miles away in a secluded, wooded area.

Nathaniel David Rowland, 24, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and murder after officers spotted a vehicle matching the description of the auto Josephson had gotten into early Saturday morning and pulled him over during a traffic stop. Police say they found blood, window cleaner, bleach, and the victim's cellphone in his vehicle.

Josephson's time at the University of SC was winding down and she spent another night with friends in Five Points. "Unlike him, Samantha had love within her heart, and a objective in her life, the life he brutally ended".

"Samantha was by herself".

The new rules would require Uber to charge hourly and daily fares instead of a rate based on the distance, while hailing a Uber vehicle on the street would also be banned, the report said.

We here at Above the Law would like to extend our condolences to Samantha Josephson's family, friends, and colleagues during this hard time.

"It sickens us to think that his face was the last thing that my baby girl saw on this earth", Josephson's mother said in the hearing, which Rowland didn't attend. It's best to always ride with someone, but if you have to ride alone, Uber says you should sit in the backseat of the auto where you have an exit on either side in case of an emergency. "It was gut-wrenching; words really can't describe what they're going through".

Josephson was a political science major, the USC College of Arts and Sciences said on Twitter. "And I'm just thankful she brought that out of me, too".

"Our prayers are with Samantha's family & friends, & we join the entire Carolina Family in this time of grief", the college's tweet said.

Pastides also advised students to "look out for one another, be active bystanders".

Columbia Mayor Stephen Benjamin said "nothing mitigates the pain of the loss of a child but I have full faith & confidence in the men & women of the Columbia Police Department & SLED as they ably investigate this tragedy".

Funeral services will be held Wednesday in Princeton Junction. Robbinsville Township also released a statement on Facebook about Josephson.