Pocahontas Endorses Abolition of Electoral College; 'Every Vote Matters'

But thanks to the antiquated electoral college, we have a serial-lying huckster occupying the highest office in the land-and while there's been talk of getting rid of the electoral college for years, the movement may be finally picking up traction.

"The desire to abolish the Electoral College is driven by the idea Democrats want rural America to go away politically", tweeted Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

"My view is that every vote matters", Warren told a townhall meeting in MS, arguing that the southern state along with several populous ones like California rarely receive presidential candidates because they aren't considered battlegrounds.

He said he supports the Green New Deal proposal and wants the U.S.to lead on environmental issues.

Supporters of the effort contend that the Electoral College is unfair, and that switching to a national popular vote would bolster direct democracy and make presidential elections more competitive. "Better to have proportional electoral college votes in each state so you campaign everywhere". The 2020 candidates are tapping into Democratic anger after Donald Trump became the second Republican in five presidential elections to win the presidency through the Electoral College while losing the popular vote. "In fact, In senator Birch Bayh, who just last week died at age 91, came within a few votes of advancing an amendment to abolish the Electoral College and replace it with a direct popular vote".

Speaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics on March 8, Buttigieg championed a Supreme Court expansion, as well as the abolition of the Electoral College. Clinton won the popular vote. "The question to me is how do we arrest the decline in the perception of the court toward being viewed as a nakedly political institution". During Barack Obama's presidency, many predicted he may benefit from an Electoral College advantage.

"No, I wouldn't entertain that", Trump said. It will never happen.