Google Stadia announced at GDC 2019

Google has not revealed the exact speed that you will need, but in comparison streaming in 1080p requires around 25mbps.

The technology allows users to play games through their internet browser or YouTube without waiting for content to be downloaded to a device, making access to games potentially as easy as watching a video from YouTube.

Similar to services like GeForce Now, Stadia will render games in the cloud and stream the video down to your device. That said, the only developers that appeared on stage to talk about upcoming projects for Stadia were pretty niche, and obviously very early in development, other than id's announcement that it is bringing Doom Eternal to Stadia (though not whether it would launch concurrently with release on other platforms). "The new generation of gaming is not a box". Players will be able to quickly load games on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and Chromecasts. Alongside the reveal of Stadia, it also debuted a new controller that will accompany the platform. And there's also a feature called Stream Connect which Google believe will revitalize couch co-op by letting users play split-screen games over the cloud as if they were in the same room. "Stadia offers instant access to play".

You will be able to use your existing controllers from Xbox/PS4, however. The Project Stream trial used Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, which would suggest that Triple AAA console titles are likely to be included in the launch. And if it is a subscription model, will it hew closer to something relatively affordable, like the Netflix model, or something more premium, the way games are priced compared to films.

Google claims Stadia's graphics processing unit (GPU) will outpace its top-two competitors combined, at 10.7 teraflops (PlayStation 4 Pro at 4.2 and Xbox One X at 6.0 teraflops).

The mega-company announced a few weeks back that it is set to host a keynote presentation on March 19th at 10AM PT in San Francisco for the annual Game Developer's Conference. At this week's Game Developer's Conference, Google is expected to show off their streaming service that uses nothing but your PC, a decent online connection and their fancy controller to play games. Streamers can also play with their fans with a feature called Crowd Play, which I have no doubt will be monetized heavily. In addition to partnering big and small developers, Stadia Games and Entertainment was established as a first party studio for the platform. In addition to buying video games for the service, Google will also have to modify and upgrade some of its data centers to handle the game-specific traffic generated by the new service.

Stadia will be launching sometime this year, though Google isn't saying exactly when.

Google will launch Stadia in the U.S., UK, Canada and Europe before the end of the year.