Beto O'Rourke jumps into the ring for 2020 presidential race

The former Texas congressman sent a text message to TV station KTSM on Wednesday afternoon confirming the news that he will seek the Democratic presidential nomination. Speaking on his astounding success in Texas, he said that while many doubted he could run a successful campaign, "I knew that with enough work and enough creativity and enough incredible people, if I'm able to meet them and bring them in, then we can do it". Ted Cruz a year ago, O'Rourke was little known outside his hometown of El Paso.

These online observations are something to mull over while considering the many potential Democratic presidential nominees, though perhaps O'Rourke hasn't thought about it from that perspective. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) came close to succeeding.

O'Rourke's impressive campaign apparatus - which comprised hundreds of staff and volunteers across the state - eventually led to an impressive showing on election night.

Speculation on whether he would run for president has been discussed since his Senate loss to Ted Cruz in November.

O'Rourke became a darling of the Left during his lost Senate race against Republican Sen.

The nominating process will test whether O'Rourke can translate that kind of support and star power to a different kind of campaign, one in which he'll be competing against other popular Democrats, not an opponent like Republican Sen.

When President Trump held a rally in the city, which already has portions of fencing, O'Rourke held a counter-rally. "I said, 'Is he insane or is that just the way he acts?' So I've never seen hand movement". O'Rourke didn't just focus his campaigning on urban and suburban areas typically rich with Democratic voters - he traveled to all 254 Texas counties, committing to visit even the reddest, most rural places.

Democratic operatives in states with early presidential primaries, including SC and Nevada, formed Draft Beto groups that spent months fundraising and building campaign infrastructure until their candidate was ready.

In El Paso, Trump ridiculed O'Rourke as "a young man who's got very little going for himself, except he's got a great first name".

Now, the last main piece of the 2020 election puzzle will be former vice president Joe Biden, who has said he will reveal his political plans soon.