Google Assistant Continued Conversations finally coming to smart displays

Unfortunately, despite Smart Displays being very close in nature to Google Homes, the platform lacked the feature. The feature can be turned on within the Google Assistant app by going to Settings, then Preferences, then Continued Conversation where you just hit the toggle. Additionally, users can add a smart display to a group of speakers connected to Google Assistant, and they can use the smart display to access controls for adjusting the volume of any device in the group.

Google is rolling out its "continued conversation" feature to its Smart Displays today. Now, it also works on Smart Displays, like the Google Home Hub, and non-Google speakers, like the Insignia Smart Speaker. Google doesn't seem ready to roll out the feature outside of the US at the moment, with the language on the blog post and the related support page very specifically referencing the USA. And so, you don't need to add a suffix "Hey Google" each time you want to ask a question from your Assistant. Android Central's Google Home Hub has already received the update, and it noticed that when the feature is turned on, a small icon will appear in the upper-left corner to let you know that Google Assistant is still listening. One of the most popular of these is Continued Conversations.

If you want to turn off Continued Conversations, you will need to disable the feature across your entire account.

Play a game: Gather friends and family around your Smart Display and say, "Hey Google, Are you Feeling Lucky?"

The assistant introduces itself by saying it is "calling from Google" and informs the restaurant that the call may be recorded. The rollout will be phased so it might be a while before you get the update on your Google device. You can also remove photos from the device easily with your voice.

In my testing, Continued Conversation works exactly as you'd expect. It's also easier to manage multi-room audio with the displays, as well.

What other features are new to Google Smart Displays?

For example, swiping down from the top of the Smart Display will reveal your home view, enabling you to control cameras, doorbells, lights, plugs, thermostats and more. Now, just a few months later, the system can be used in 43 states.