Trump's Full Speech at CPAC 2019

Trump made the point at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland. "Now Robert Mueller never received a vote, not did the person who appointed him".

While the president has suggested that free speech is under threat on college campuses, a Vox report last August showed that it's not the crisis it's chalked up to be, and liberals have been targeted too.

Cohen alleged on Wednesday that Trump paid hush-money to a porn star prior to his election and overstated his net worth for loans, insurance and tax purposes.

Fewer than half of American citizens said after President Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen publicly testified before Congress this week that they found Cohen's testimony to be credible, a poll conducted by HarrisX and The Hill revealed Friday.

Trump told the audience Williams "took a hard punch in the face for all of us".

It's not obvious that a presidential order would really address the cultural dimensions of the campus free speech issue.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement on February 28, "The two leaders discussed various ways to advance denuclearization and economic driven concepts".

"Just for the media, I'm sure he's a lovely young man, just had a little temper tantrum", Trump said.

"All of the sudden, they're trying to take you out with bulls**t", Trump said. It came against the backdrop of the collapse of his summit with North Korea and the extraordinary congressional testimony from his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen. "Can you imagine if we left interest rates where they were?"

In response to the incident, the university expressed "unwavering" commitment to "freedom of expression and perspective".

During his testimony, Cohen called Trump a "racist" and "con man" who lied throughout the 2016 elections about his business interests in Russian Federation.

"Under the guise of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal, Democrats are embracing the same exhausted economic theories that have impoverished nations and stifled the liberties of millions over the last century".

"I think the New Green Deal, or whatever the hell they call it - the Green New Deal - I encourage it", Mr Trump said mockingly.

"There is a likelihood President Trump violated that law when he submitted these financial disclosure forms that were either missing liabilities or misrepresenting them", said Amey, of the Project on Government Oversight.

Whom did the President attack? Meanwhile in Vietnam, a high-stakes second summit between Trump and North Korea´s leader Kim Jong Un broke up in disarray Thursday, without even a joint statement after the pair failed to reach an agreement on walking back Pyongyang´s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.