Inside the $75000 Hotel Room That's Hosting Meghan Markle's Baby Shower

The duchess, 37, celebrated the impending arrival of her child in what is reportedly the most expensive hotel room in the U.S., the Penthouse Suite in the five-star Mark Hotel, which costs a reported 75,000 dollars (£57,000) per night. "We all each made an individual base and then Meghan. got in touch with an organization that I've never heard of, Repeat Roses, and all of those are donated to different charities".

In a baby shower fit for a duchess we hope that the royal's choice of venue is a nod to what we hope is a potential secret moniker. Beyonce shared their acceptance speech and several other photos of the couple standing in front of the Meghan artwork to her 124 million followers.

Users online applauded the move, especially as Meghan has faced a tough time with problematic and racist attitudes directed at her from the mainstream media and online.

Meghan Markle recently spent a few days in New York City to celebrate her pregnancy with some of her closest friends in the United States.

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Source Getty Images

King revealed that the "very sweet" gesture simply spoke "to who [Meghan] is" as a person. She was seen leaving the East Coast city wearing an all-black, chic maternity outfit. Serena Williams, Jessica Mulroney and Abigail Spencer were also there.

Mum-of-two Amal, 41, was one of the famous faces in attendance at Meghan's baby shower at The Mark Hotel on Wednesday.

Last week her husband George Clooney spoke out in defence of friend Meghan, saying she has been "pursued and vilified", and compared the treatment of the duchess to Princess Diana.

It is believed that Harry and Meghan will welcome their first child together in April, with it being suggested they will send him or her to an American school near their Windsor home. As per reports, the mother-to-be departed NYC as she will join Harry on their official three-day tour of Morocco on Saturday.