Roger Stone open to talking with Mueller in Russian Federation probe

Stone waved and smiled to the small crowd, some holding up glowing photos of him, and he largely ignored a group of protesters carrying signs reading "Dirty traitor".

Stone was indicted on one count of obstructing a proceeding, five counts of making false statements to Congress and one count of witness tampering - prosecutors allege that he tried to persuade another witness to lie to Congress, too.

Introducing what we hope will be a regular new caricature, Steve Martin debuted his portrayal of recently arrested Trump crony Roger Stone, in last night's cold open on Saturday Night Live (SNL). WikiLeaks published thousands of the emails in various dumps. Mueller filed a seven-count indictment against him as part of his probe into Russian Federation interference during the 2016 election, including possible collusion with Trump's campaign staff.

Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone is not happy about the Federal Bureau of Investigation arresting him last week in what he said was with "greater force" than was used on Osama bin Laden. "You can't push a button, and I can't recall precisely, in detail, granularly, conversations, emails, events from 2016", he said.

"That's what I engaged in".

Defying a game attempt from Carlson (played by the North Shore's Alex Moffat) to establish Stone as enfeebled and unfit for prosecution, Martin's Stone bellowed with gusto and dismissed any concerns about his age.

"It is really to me just a police state tactic and it was horribly wrong", said King.

Stone says he has done nothing wrong, and he has complained about his treatment from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and from the Justice Department since his arrest. Those charged include Mr Trump's former campaign chairman and deputy campaign chairman, former national security adviser and his former personal lawyer.

Later in the broadcast, we'll look at a stunning new documentary about the man who mentored Donald Trump and Roger Stone-the infamous attorney Roy Cohn.

"For two years our committee has been mocked by the left and the media as not a serious investigation - yet, if you look at the indictments of the Russian Federation actors those came from our committee", said Nunes, who described Stone as a "flamboyant character".

"Roger Stone refuses to be pressured into testifying against President Trump", the ask continues.

He became a focus of the investigation after working on the Trump campaign, which he left early on in August 2015.

Schiff said his panel would give Mueller access to all transcripts of testimony before the committee, including Trump's son Donald Trump Jr., for prosecution purposes.

Trump as recently as December was defending Stone and praising his apparent unwillingness to co-operate with authorities.