UK PM May: Rejecting Brexit would be catastrophic

Theresa May has warned of a "catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust" in democracy if Brexit doesn't happen and the United Kingdom remains in the EU.

Mr Hunt warned that failure to deliver Brexit would be "incredibly damaging" for the United Kingdom and something the country would regret for "many, many generations".

MPs on all sides of the Brexit debate fear the so-called Northern Ireland backstop could leave Britain tied to the European Union indefinitely. "It would be a catastrophe", Juncker said.

"We are checking with Downing Street what the clarifications could amount to". Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt also said that Brexit may not happen if the deal can't pass the Parliament.

In the event her exit deal is voted down, some Brexiters have argued for the United Kingdom to leave without a deal, but other MPs also object to the no deal Brexit - calling for either Article 50 to be extended or revoked, or a second referendum to allow the general public to decide the next move.

"To heal our nation, we need to provide a positive narrative that actually addresses the inequalities that have been allowed to ferment over recent years, rather than follow through with bogus solution that worsens them".

Meanwhile, Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd said she is "committed" to ensuring that the United Kingdom does not leave without a deal.

The EU is waiting to see the outcome of Tuesday's vote - and the margin of the expected defeat - before considering its response, officials said, with some predicting that May will have to delay Brexit. And Brexit paralysis ultimately could lead to no Brexit.

Chris Grayling has been accused of engaging in "gutter politics" after he warned that blocking Brexit could "open the door" to "extremist" populist political forces in the UK.

"We've got to take responsibility, I think we've got to act in all our interests and that's what we will be doing".

A senior government official on Sunday described the plan as extremely concerning, since if it succeeds lawmakers would gain control over not just Brexit legislation but all legislation.

A loss for Mrs May's would give Corbyn the opportunity to form a government.

TNE columnist and Labour peer Andrew Adonis said: "When Chris Grayling can organise a lorry jam and a railway timetable, we'll take his advice on fixing a political system which he did more than nearly anyone to break".

"This is something I don't think has really been focused on", the Leave Means Leave co-chairman said on his Sunday LBC Radio show.

Theresa May faces huge opposition to her Brexit bill, from both sides of the House of Commons.

A group of British lawmakers, including some former Tory ministers, are working on a way to allow non-government members to take control of the timetable and bring legislation forward that would make it illegal to leave the European Union without a deal, if May loses the vote, according to the Sunday Times.

MPs must take control of the House of Commons and ensure that a no-deal Brexit is avoided, the SNP's Westminster leader has said.

The government has made a fresh plea to MPs to get behind the deal.

Pressed for a third time by interviewer Justin Webb on whether she would quit if Mrs May went for the no-deal option, Ms Rudd cut him short by saying: "Thank you very much, Justin".