New Florida governor suspends sheriff over Parkland school massacre

Some Broward County sheriff's deputies held back too long as shots were fired at the school in the massacre, instead of rushing toward the gunfire, according to a 439-page report released last week by a state-appointed commission.

Almost one year after the tragic Parkland massacre, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was officially dismissed from his job on Friday.

He also addressed those who may not support the Governor's decision, the voters who chose Scott Israel.

Israel, a Democrat who has served as the elected sheriff of the agency with 5,800 employees since 2013, accused the newly elected Republican governor of a power grab.

"The neglect of duty and the incompetence that was connected to the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas has been well-documented, and I have no interest in dancing on Scott Israel's political grave".

The governor's executive order [PDF] excoriates Israel not just over the horrific Parkland shooting, but for similar failures and lack of leadership regarding the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting in 2017. Rick Scott, refused to suspend Israel, saying he wanted to wait until investigations were completed.

In December, the sheriff's office said it planned to change its policies on how deputies respond to active shooters.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel refused to resign for almost a year but on Friday, he was suspended and replaced by former Coral Springs Police Department Lt. Gregory Tony. While campaigning, DeSantis said he would have dismissed Israel for his role in the deadly shooting. "These incidents demonstrate Sheriff Israel's repeated incompetence and neglect of duty", DeSantis continued.

Kaplan said he had advised Israel only to make a statement and to answer no questions. Law enforcement members of the state commission investigating the shooting have agreed with that conclusion.

Even some Democratic lawmakers like Senator Gary Farmer say the new Governor is taking the state's environmental policies in the right direction.

"Sheriff Israel has received no official word from the governor or his office of the goal of this visit".

"He has been one of the very few sheriffs whose had a strong presence in the black community", said Kelly Davis, a radio DJ known as Big Man Kelly.

He also suggested suspending him was an "easy" way to ignore the real problem, which is gun violence in America.

You know the Stoneman Douglas Commission when they were talking to deputies they learned from these deputies that the deputies could not remember the last time that they had active shooter training or what kind of training it was. After being notified, the Senate then asks the suspended official whether they plan to resign or want to request a hearing.