Bird Box Challenge compels Netflix to issue danger warning

The Bird Box Challenge was created, involving people trying to perform everyday tasks while blindfolded before posting videos of their attempts on social media.

Since the film's December 21 release, memes of star Sandra Bullock have flooded the internet, many of which have contributed to its popularity. Participants blindfold themselves and then take off outside.

Twitter user Kristina Hernandez had perhaps the best response to the Bird Box Challenge when she posted a video of an actual bird attacking a cardboard box. The videos are completely insane, and Netflix is now warning viewers that doing the "Bird Box Challenge" could lead to hospitalization.

This is not Netflix talking, it's them. Her two children in the film are named Boy and Girl.

Obviously, no one wants to be associated with a person who accidentally gets hit with a auto or chops off a finger for an internet challenge, so we get it.

Last Wednesday, Teigen was one of the many who took to Twitter to give their reactions about the horror film. In the "challenge", a person is put on a blindfold and tries to navigate the world around him just like in the movie, Bird Box.

Bird Box portrays a post-apocalyptic world in which all humans have to wear blindfolds to avoid a force that possesses people and makes them kill themselves if they make eye contact. The "Bird Box" fans that have reportedly dropped by so far have been "very polite", with some even knocking on the door to request permission to take pictures, as per TMZ. On Sunday, Adams uploaded 24 Hour Bird Box Challenge for her 2.3 million subscribers.

Despite the alarm, there aren't a lot of examples of disastrous Bird Box Challenges.

Last year's Tide Pod challenge tempted teens into putting highly concentrated laundry detergent in their mouths and the so-called Keke challenge, a dance based on a Drake song performed alongside a moving vehicle, has led to injuries and property damage.