Here’s what an exploratory committee is - and what it isn’t

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., became the first major Democrat to take an official step towards running for president in 2020, by launching an exploratory committee on Monday.

"But in Massachusetts, Liz Warren, when matched up against her opponents in a potential Democratic primary, she's actually polling third or fourth behind Biden and Sanders, which suggests something's quite wrong", he said.

She then asserts that "billionaires and big corporations" are responsible because they "decided they wanted more of the pie, and they enlisted politicians to cut them a fatter slice".

Warren appears to target voters of varied cultural, geographic and economic backgrounds with an anti-corporate, pro-worker message in her initial campaign pitch.

"I'm in this fight for hard-working families".

"No matter what our differences, most of us want the same thing", the 69-year-old Massachusetts Democrat said in a video. "Right now, Washington works great for the wealthy and the well-connected, it's just not working for much of anyone else".

Those themes were reflected Monday on her website, which portrays Warren as a product of the American dream that has slipped out of reach for too many Americans.

To help with finances after her father suffered a heart attack, she started at age 13 waiting tables in a restaurant - part of a childhood she said gives her a visceral connection to ordinary Americans.

The Massachusetts senator, known as a liberal firebrand in her party, released a video in which she outlines her vision of a path to opportunity for all Americans.

"She was doing populist economics before everybody thought it was cool". She suffers from many of Hillary Clinton's defects.

Warren's entrance into the contest to try and challenge President Trump in 2020 is a development he's likely to relish.

In the same manner, while speaking at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Banking a few months back, Warren criticized cryptocurrencies, asserting that they are very easy to steal and that a lot of retail investors have also been swindled as a result of various ICOs scams.

Warren filed papers creating an exploratory presidential committee. "They're looking at someone like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker or Beto O'Rourke".

There will be other competitors as well. But it allowed Warren at least some time to dominate the race, since two lesser-known politicians, Rep. John Delaney of Maryland and former San Antonio mayor Julián Castro, are the only candidates to officially declare their interest so far.

Trump's use of the name Pocahontas refers to a 17th century Native American woman associated with the British colony in Jamestown, Virginia, and was aimed at drawing attention to a controversy over her heritage raised during Warren's 2012 Senate race. The move had been meant to stifle Trump's criticism of her but only engendered more mockery from him while also angering Democrats, particularly minorities who objected to her defining ethnicity via a test.

"It was all fairly formulaic stuff, which I think actually was a bit of a stumble as a video", he said.