Where Is Santa Right Now? Watch NORAD Santa Tracker Live 2018

The hundreds of volunteers will be working on Christmas Eve to track Santa Claus and to answer children's calls.

The US military confirmed NORAD Tracks Santa would not be affected by the shutdown because it is run by volunteers at Peterson Air Force Base and is funded by the Department of Defense's budget which was approved earlier this year.

Instead of calls ringing to Santa, the phone number rang the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD), the precursor to NORAD.

But any concerned parties can breathe easy knowing that in spite of a government shutdown that may or may not continue on through the new year, the government organization that's tracked Santa's Christmas Eve world tour for more than 60 years is still on.

'Santa visits all homes where children believe in him, ' it wrote.

Now, anxious youngsters can either call the NORAD's Santa Tracker hotline or they can check up on Kris Kringle's location on the agency's website.

For the past 63 years NORAD, who generally watches aerospace activity, turns its eyes to track Santa's Christmas delivery progress.

For the 1,500 civilian and military volunteers who will answer the phones for kids calling 1-877-HI-NORAD, it infuses the holiday with childlike wonder.

It began tracking Santa when a child called the command's headquarters in Colorado asking to speak to Santa Claus.

Even though the USA government's shutdown has forced agencies to run with a skeleton staff, it won't be affecting a long-running holiday tradition. The satellites can track Santa's location by using infrared heat sensors to detect unusual flying objects - such as a magical sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.

There are 160 phones to handle the calls and new volunteers get a help book which lets them know what kind of questions children may ask.

Last year NORAD Tracks Santa received 126,000 calls, 18m website hits, 1.8m Facebook followers and 179,000 more on Twitter. Each year since, NORAD has reported Santa's location on December 24 to millions of children and families across the world with the service going online in 1997.