World leaders set to convene Argentina summit clouded by disputes

U.S. president Donald Trump has threatened to raise tariffs on imported cars, in the wake of General Motors' announcement that it would close up to five manufacturing plants in the USA.

President Donald Trump says the "very close" to a deal with China on tariffs, but he adds that "I don't know that I want to do it".

Although Trump said this month that the G20 represented the ideal opportunity to "make a deal with China", should a deal not be reached, the situation could escalate quickly, devastating stock-market returns for the next year.

"The only deal would be China has to open up their country to competition from the United States", Trump told the Journal.

Overhanging the summit in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital, is a bitter trade dispute between the United States and China, the world's two largest economies, which have imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of each other's imports.

Coming into this G-20, Mr Trump faces a series of diplomatic challenges - most notably whether he can strike an agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to ease trade tensions.

Despite using contract manufacturers to make most of its products overseas, Apple has also sought to emphasize its contribution to the US economy, saying it plans to spend about $55 billion in 2018 with its USA -based suppliers.

He is supposed to meet with Chinese President Xi Jingping Saturday for dinner, and analysts expect the President to discuss the current trade standoff with Xi.

"There is some anecdotal evidence that U.S. importers are likely pulling forward orders to get ahead of additional tariffs on Chinese goods, which could be one of the factors driving imports higher in recent months", said Pooja Sriram, an economist at Barclays.

NASA's Martian quake sensor In Sight lands at slight angle
NASA's Martian quake sensor In Sight lands at slight angle

Representatives from Argentina and China are scheduled to meet to discuss a number of deals that are expected to be announced at the end of the G20 summit, the official said.

Ahead of the G20, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow detailed what Trump wants out of China.

The six-meter balloon, which hovered 100 feet over the ground outside parliament in London, welcomed Trump on July 13, but the president told British newspaper The Sun: "I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London".

On Thursday, he urged USA companies in a Twitter post to build in the order to avoid tariffs because there is "a long way to go".

Cell phones and computers, among China's biggest exports to the United States, have been spared as the administration has sought to minimize the impact on USA consumers.

The Trump administration argues that China is engaging in unfair trade practices, including intellectual property theft and forced technology transfers. Merkel's office said Friday that she and a small delegation, including the finance minister, took a different government plane to Madrid and then boarded a commercial flight to Buenos Aires.

US President Donald Trump with UK Prime Minister Theresa May during a session titled Fair and Sustainable Future.

He also said while addressing the gathering that 'Yoga helps us acquire better mental and physical health.' It also gives peace and strength to our body and mind.

Trump complained about the quality of his English-language translation during Macri's Spanish-language speech.