The "Trump Effect" On the New York Midterm Elections

Democrats, while still favored overall, have been unable to build a decisive edge over Donald Trump's Republicans, meaning that the president might avoid the severe electoral slap-down the opposition party had hoped to inflict.

The Tennessee Republican argued that Democrats refused to work on the problem legislatively.

The president did not say Monday what the cost of any additional tax cut would be to the budget, nor whether he would offset the lost revenue with cuts to spending.

Nonetheless, should the midterm results unfold as expected, Democratic control of one house will certainly alter the way things work in Trump World, and the "check" in the "check and balance" system that defines the USA government will actually mean something once again.

But Sen. Dean Heller has proven to be a strong candidate, he said.

Trump could also continue pushing through his conservative judicial nominees, especially if there is another opening in the powerful Supreme Court, the final legal arbiter on the country's biggest and most socially sensitive questions.

But all five richest states have both legislative chambers controlled by Democrats - Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, Massachusetts and CT.

The Associated Press reports that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, remains unsatisfied with a Republican probe into Russian interference which turned up evidence of meddling, particularly on social media, but nothing that would connect the Trump campaign directly to Russian hackers. For months this and expectations of a high voter turnout has led many to believe the party will at least retake the House. Republicans now hold a 51-49 advantage.

During Trump's first year, independents narrowly favored Democrats for Congress. While the preferences of partisans have remained stable, shifts among independents have swung the last three midterm elections against the incumbent president's party.

Blinded by extreme partisanship, hungry for power and obsessed with tax cuts and environmental and financial deregulation, the Republicans have permitted Trump to recklessly exercise executive power - such as instituting tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum under the bogus guise of protecting USA national security - contrary to their own party's policies and the interests of the citizens they represent. Republicans hold a 63-46 majority in the House, with one vacancy, and a 27-10 margin in the Senate, where one seat is empty. And both Republicans and Democrats are using his presidency to motivate their base to vote. That race could offer insight into how suburbs and college-educated women are voting. Men back Republicans for Congress by 14 points, up slightly from 11 points four years ago.

The Democrats are "heavily concentrated in cities and urban areas ..."