‘Won’t accept the blame if GOP loses in midterm polls’

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that it's not his fault if Republicans lose control of the House in this year's midterms, weeks after he told supporters to "pretend I'm on the ballot" in November. And they all seem to be laughing - Ike, Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, both Bushes, Ford, Nixon and Lincoln.

He added that his wife notified him of the social media reaction to his painting being in the White House. "He was very complimentary".

According to the Daily Beast, Thomas admitted that Trump was "hard to paint" due to his skin tone and smile.

It has also been compared with the famous "Dogs Playing Poker" painting.

The painting, called "The Republican Club", is by Andy Thomas, who reacted to seeing his painting on the White House wall in a Facebook post.

"Even in Trump's thrift store trash painting, a woman is coming to end the bullshit when they aren't paying any attention", read a comment by Twitter user Emily Colucci.

Donald Trump
Mr Trump was defiant when asked about his comments on Stormy Daniels

Online critics are calling the piece "tacky" and "trashy". President Trump said he spoke to former President George W. Bush about Kavanaugh but, when asked by the AP, said he did not thank him for the calls he made to lobby GOP senators.

"It's probly worth noting that "great general", President U.S. Grant, doesn't have a seat at the table", one user wrote.

The painting depicts a group of past and present Republican leaders chatting around a table, seemingly having a good time and sharing drinks, AFP reports. A president can get access to works from the Smithsonian and other museums around the country for his or her private residence if they wish.

On the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, President Trump defended his son Donald Trump Jr. for a Trump Tower meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer offering damaging information about Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Industrious tweeters also deployed a number of top-shelf memes to express their artistic creativity with edits to the picture.

But many in Trump's base, including women, apparently feel otherwise: They tweeted support for the president and attacked Daniels. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) denounced the White House for its "dangerous" rejection of climate science and slammed Trump for working hand-in-hand with Big Oil to make "a bad situation worse".