Canada to pardon pot possession as it legalizes marijuana

She said Wednesday there weren't any special plans to monitor the first day of pot legalization, with officers fulfilling their roles as they would on any other day.

Where can I buy it?

Philip's, told CBC News.

Molson Coors recently entered a joint venture with Hexo, a publicly-traded cultivator, to produce marijuana-infused beer for the Canadian market, among other deals.

Can I travel in and out of Canada with weed?

In provinces without a regulated retail framework, Canadians can purchase marijuana online from a federally licensed producer with "secure home delivery".

Please, save yourself a lot of trouble.

Americans who buy legal weed and try to bring it back across the border risk arrest on possession or drug smuggling charges.

You can't travel across global borders with it, even if it you are going to Colorado or any of the other eight U.S. states where it has been legalized.

It's unclear as yet if the new framework will succeed in undercutting the black market, as prices for illicit pot have plunged in the previous year to an average of Can$6.79 per gram, and most sellers had planned to charge more.

Separately, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale on Wednesday said the government would waive the fee and waiting period when people who have been convicted of possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana apply for pardons, after they've served their sentences.

Why did they legalize it?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has achieved one of his promises from the 2015 election campaign, with the leader of the governing Liberal Party legalising cannabis for the very first time in Canada.

Health Canada is working on developing regulations on edibles within a year, Blair said, adding he would caution consumers about their use. Stringent rules will still govern the purchase and use of marijuana.

Within an hour of its launch, the ALGC website received 1,040 cannabis orders and more than 4,000 orders by 11:00 a.m. local time, according to a spokesperson.

Once a person selects products to order, they will be shipped from a warehouse in an undisclosed part of the GTA via Canada Post, and then will be delivered to the customer.

Not in many places.

The Canadian Medical Association Journal, meanwhile, is calling on the government to fund research to answer questions about the effects of marijuana use over time and "have the courage to admit the legislation is flawed and amend the act" if cannabis use jumps.

You can not bring weed legally purchased in Canada back into the United States. "The first G7 country to legalize cannabis coast-to-coast, and the second country in the world, after Uruguay". USA immigration agents may even choose to ban Canadians from entering the country if they admit to smoking pot, even if they are entering states where it is legal, such as Washington.

The pot industry took in almost $9 billion in sales in 2017 in the United States, according to BDS Analytics.