White woman backs away from claim that black child groped her

In the video and in a subsequent interview with the station, she alleges the mother of the children escalated the situation.

After the footage of the police call and security tape went viral, Klein told PIX11 reporters that she called the police on the mother, not the child.

But CCTV footage obtained after the incident shows the child's backpack brushing the woman on her behind, after he appears to turn around to see someone behind him. Klein who lives in a Flatbush can be heard saying over the phone.

Though Klein told Fox5NY that she's not racist and phoned police because she believed the boy's mother was being aggressive, her 911 call was the latest in a series of instances where white people have called police on black people for seemingly innocuous behaviour, raising concerns of racial bias.

Despite being told to leave, Klein sticks to her guns, telling authorities that she was "just sexually assaulted by a child".

"As you can see the kid is crying and the mum is upset".

- A white woman made a startling accusation against a 9-year-old black boy in Brooklyn. "I was just sexually assaulted by a child". Klein said the boy grabbed her buttocks.

Heavy reports Klein is a Missouri native who was an actress and performer prior to attaining a Ph.D from the University of Missouri.

The video itself went viral shortly after it was posted with over 6 million views as of Friday evening.

Later, the woman spoke of the whole ordeal to PIX-11.

"It's not the first time I've been grabbed on the a** by a kid". But people who were there said she made it all up.

And now the NYPD has arrived to the woman's - who the internet has dubbed #cornerstorecaroline - home after she claimed me and another reporter were harassing her and threatening her with violence. "Cornerstore Caroline. We have a new one".

She has since returned to the store to review the CCTV footage. Following the trend of giving these instigators a derisive nickname like BBQ Becky and Permit Patty, a NY woman who accused a Black 9-year-old of touching her butt is being dubbed "Cornerstore Caroline".

"He was walking out with his mom and accidentally brushed up against her". Upon a deeper review of the other video, she also impersonated a police officer, which is a felony.

A woman was confronted by angry community members Friday after she claimed a 9-year-old black boy touched her inappropriately in a Flatbush deli.