Pakistan's prime minister vows to grant citizenship to 1.5 million refugees

"The Prime Minister will meet Saudi leadership and will discuss regional and worldwide issues", a senior Pakistan government official said.

Speaking to Geo News from Islamabad, Sahebzada Jahangir said he will not be taking up any position in Britain and reports that he is lobbying to take a position in Pakistan's High Commission London are incorrect.

Khan, on his first global visit since taking office last month, was accompanied by Finance Minister Asad Umar and Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at a time when the country is trying to avert a balance of currency crisis stemming from a large current account deficit.

Union minister V.K. Singh said Monday the army still rules Pakistan despite the election of Imran Khan as the new prime minister, adding that it remains to be seen whether the person will be able to bring about a change. 70 cars were sold in the first batch.

Any offer of money would come with the condition that Pakistan "lay off Iran", he suggested. Four bulletproof 2005 Mercedes jeeps were also purchased, but more than a dozen other Mercedes and seven BMWs remained unsold. PM Khan will also perform Umrah.

Further, 40 Toyota cars which include a 2004 Lexus, a 2006 Lexus SUV, and two 2004 model Land Cruisers will also be auctioned. As part of the cost-cutting initiative, he had announced the auction of surplus PM House vehicles.

The prime minister, in his first official visit to Karachi over on Sunday, had vowed to end the Afghan and Bengali refugees' plight by issuing them passports and national identity cards.

The former cricketer must find around $12bn to battle Pakistan's widening current account deficit and dwindling reserves.

Statistics released by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) last month showed that in the last five years, Pakistan's total debt and liabilities increased Rs 13.5 trillion or 82.8% to stand at Rs 29.9 trillion.