[Poll] Android 9.0 Pie is official

Most Android users will have to wait months to get their hands on the final software, but if you own a Pixel or even an Essential phone, you can update to Android Pie today.

Google has launched the latest version of Android - Android 9. Here is where you'll see your recent apps, and Pixel phone users will be able to select text from running apps while in Overview.

Those that have the Essential Phone and have yet to see the update notification pop up can always head into the settings menu, enter the system settings, and tap "update".

The Android Pie update introduces a new gesture-based system. This was the case for the original Pixel back in 2016, the Pixel 2 in 2017, and it seems that for 2018, the upcoming Pixel 3 (and Pixel 3 XL) are also expected to be officially announced on the 4th of October as well, making it the third time Google has kept to the this date in a row. And that, according to Google, will help Android 9 Pie learn and get smarter in future.

Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL Launch Reportedly Set for October 4
Google’s Pixel 3 Could Be Announced On October 4

'For this campaign, Google is looking for Canadian creators whoa re not now Google Pixel users but are willing to switch to the Pixel 3, ' the advert states.

The first official build of Android 9 has build number PPR1.180610.009 for most of us.

If you've been using the Android P beta, you may not even notice that much has changed when you power your Pixel up; Digital Wellbeing is still a separate opt-in beta, while Slices, which inserts app UI experiences into search results and Google Assistant, won't arrive until the fall. Unlike Samsung, which keeps bringing its Note launches forward, Google isn't interested in beating new iPhones to market. You'll be presented with a carousel view of every app. This dashboard lives inside of your phone and focuses on quite a few things, but to put it plainly, you'll have access to new phone usage statistics, new features like Wind Down and App Timers, plus more.

App Timers let you limit the amount of time you spend using your favorite apps. You'll need to install the Android SDK Platform Tools package on your computer, which interfaces with your device through ADB, a command line tool.