Facebook Suspends InfoWars’ Alex Jones For 30 Days For Offensive Videos

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed in an email to Mashable that it has issued the time-out to Jones after he was found to have violated the social network's "Community Standards".

Those four videos have since been removed from Jones' channels.

A fourth and final video reportedly featured Jones comparing the creators of an animated drag queen show to Satanists.

During Thursday's "Tucker Carlson Tonight", Carlson defended Jones from Facebook's suspension and invoked the story of the White House banning CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins from covering a Wednesday event at the White House.

The Facebook representative also said that the site has removed four videos from pages run by Infowars and Jones after the content was reported to the site. His channel only received a reprimand this time and is still active, but is close to reaching the level where Facebook could permanently remove the page, a spokesperson told CNET. In other words, other InfoWars admins can keep posting on pages within "The Alex Jones Channel" unless they, too, break Facebook's rules.

Back in February, he reportedly received a YouTube strike for a conspiracy theory video about the Parkland, Fla. high school shooting. "We also have a clear three strikes policy and we terminate channels when they receive three strikes in three months".

The suspension only affects Jones' own Facebook account and not that of InfoWars', which can continue to post videos of such nature until it faces the same sort of consequences. The company is drawing a line by banning Jones for 30 days, but it's unclear if it would have done so if the news of Jones being punished on YouTube hadn't bubbled to the surface.

The suspension comes soon after Facebook was criticised for not taking action against InfoWars and Mr Jones who has repeatedly claimed that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the United States government.

The ban doesn't apply to InfoWars itself. The action comes just days after YouTube pulled four Infowars videos and banned the outlet from livestreaming its shows for 90 days.