President Trump Wants 'Better ties with Mexico'

But both men say they had a positive phone call the day after Mexico's July 1 election, and Lopez Obrador has invited Trump to his inauguration.

"Otherwise, I must go a much different route", Trump said in response to a letter delivered to him by a delegation of US officials led by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that visited Lopez Obrador in Mexico City on July 13.

The U.S. leader said in the letter dated Friday that he believes a successful NAFTA renegotiation will lead to more jobs and higher wages for both Mexico and the U.S. As the voice of the region's business community, The New England Council believes it is of critical importance that the US continue to work toward a modernized NAFTA, and that the administration should reconsider the tariffs against our partners in Canada and Mexico. NY time. The Mexican foreign ministry on Saturday said that Jesus Seade, named by Lopez Obrador as his chief NAFTA negotiator, will join the team on its trip to Washington.

The letter was made public just a few days before the U.S., Mexico, and Canada are set to talk about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Thursday in Washington, D.C. Ms. Freeland will also meet with Mr. Guajardo and Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso. The now gearing up for mid-term congressional and senate elections in November.

"We're talking to Mexico on NAFTA, and I think we're going to have something worked out", he said.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Canada is the premier goods export market for businesses in five of the six New England states - in the sixth state, it is the second-largest market - representing more than $8.3 billion in exports in 2017 alone.

Canada, however, is willing to agree to everything Mr. Trump wants on autos, now that Washington has dropped its demand for 50 per cent US content on vehicles manufactured in NAFTA countries and sold in the United States, the official said. The United States refused to grant this during talks this spring and this greatly contributed to stalling talks, the official said.

Last week, Trump mused about separate deals with Canada and Mexico.

Trump has spoken against Mexican immigration and trade, and Obrador pledged to put Trump "in his place" during his campaign, but despite this history and their differing politics, Obrador said he is optimistic about their working relationship, Reuters reported. Both Canada and Mexico are willing to agree to a review of NAFTA however.