Ex-NATO commander: Trump comments 'worst nightmare' for Montenegro

This year, the heat has been turned up even more, after Donald Trump characterised the tiny Balkan nation's people as "very aggressive" and capable of sparking a third world war.

Nothing, however, had quite prepared the world for Trump's comments in Helsinki after hours of meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose government, US intelligence officials have concluded, meddled in the 2016 election, hacked Democratic Party emails and disseminated them in an effort to help Trump win.

Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson were discussing North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in a pre-recorded interview that aired Tuesday night when Carlson questioned why his son should have to defend Montenegro if it's attacked, a dubious scenario given that the US hasn't reinstated conscription since the Vietnam War.

Trump questioned on Fox News Channel whether the military alliance's mutual defense pact might conceivably let tiny Montenegro start World War III. "They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you're in world war three", Trump added in the interview. They are very strong people. They have very aggressive people.

Theoretically, this would turn into a bigger war between the USA and Russian Federation - all thanks to grouchy little Montenegro - and would be the cause of World War III.

Given his notoriously short attention span, and the fact that he knows little about Montenegro, perhaps it is the cynic in me that finds it interesting that Montenegro found its way as a topic so soon after another summit with his new best cum, Vladimir Putin.

After a two-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin with only translators present, Trump announced that he accepted Putin's denials about Russian attempts to use social media to influence the 2016 United States election.

In Podgorica, Montenegrins did not take Trump's comments too seriously. He later walked back his remarks, saying he misspoke.

They're nearly the most recent members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) - an organisation whose summit Donald Trump attended last week, controversially demanding that other participant nations increase their defence spending. It is just the story on collective defense and financial contribution, and Montenegro emerged in that interview as any other country could have emerged.

Carlson: "And I'm not against Montenegro".

Since World War II, all USA military conflicts have been fought under the authority or command of the United Nations, NATO, or the short-lived South East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO). He also went after his Justice Department, calling its investigation into Russia's efforts and potential collusion with Trump's campaign a "disaster for our country".

"I understand, but that's the way it was set up", he continued.

On Tuesday, Trump abruptly flipped on whether he believed Russian Federation interfered in the election, saying he meant to suggest he does believe Moscow meddled despite having expressed the contrary view a day earlier.

Montenegro's alliance with the United States remains "strong and permanent", the government added. Montenegro has only 2,000 troops.

With such a small military, it is hard to know what Trump was referring to when he called Montenegro's people "very aggressive".

DARMANOVIC: When he mentioned us, he just said something that describe us. The statement was published alongside a photo of Vice President Pence in Montenegro past year.