Angry crowd protests after Chicago police fatally shoot man

The man fatally shot by a Chicago police officer Saturday has been identified as 37-year-old Harith Augustus. The officers then approached the man who, according to Waller, "became combative" and "appeared to be reaching for a weapon" whereupon he was shot by the police. In the past, almost all police officers are acquitted after shooting people of color. McDonald's death led to the ouster of the police chief and a series of reforms created to prevent future police abuses and to hold officers accountable.

As the Times points out, a reporter from the Chicago Sun-Times tweeted about officers using batons on the crowd before making several arrests.

Chicago has been blighted by gun crime in recent times.

Calloway demanded the police release the video of the shooting immediately. An officer returned fire, police said. In 2015, protesters blocked Interstate 94 after police released a graphic dash-cam video showing an officer shooting Laquan McDonald, 17. Contrary to those reports, Guglielmi said the officer who shot Augustus was a male.

The protest continued until about 11 p.m. local time Saturday, police said in a tweet announcing that they had cleared the shooting scene.

The man was shot in the South Shore neighborhood after police officers attempted to question him over the "bulge around his waistband", suggesting he was armed, according to The Associated Press.

The officers involved have been reassigned to administrative duties for thirty days while the case is investigated. Three years later, three officers were indicted on felony charges for allegedly conspiring to cover up the shooting.

During the protest that followed the shooting, officers pulled people to the ground and struck them with batons. At 1:58 in the video, one police officer blocks Issa's camera view and yells at him to back up before shoving Issa and knocking his phone to the floor. People hurled rocks and bottles at officers, with some suffering minor injuries. "This is a tragic situation, where an individual lost his life".

In a statement, the civil rights campaigner Rev Jesse Jackson called the shooting a tragedy and said it was a blessing Augustus did not bring his daughter with him to work on Saturday, as he was known to do.

Chicago police fatally shot a neighborhood barber Saturday evening, igniting a protest near the scene in the city's South Shore neighborhood, officials said.