US unlikely to reunite all immigrant families on time: ACLU

The others have left the country or were released, according to Justice Department attorney Sarah Fabian.

But it says that more time is needed to perform the necessary identity checks.

Additionally, Gelernt took issue with the Trump administration's claim that it has lost track both of parents who have been released by ICE within the us pending their immigration or asylum hearings and at least nine parents who it deported without their children.

Numerous numbers are still in flux.

In a media release Sunday, the ACLU said that the government had "initially provided incomplete information" by a Saturday night deadline to list the children under 5 it had forcibly separated from parents and a revised list provided Sunday gave the names of 102 children.

The judge directed the government to file a detailed accounting of the reunification process and scheduled a hearing for Tuesday at 11 a.m. PDT (1800 GMT).

But the reunification efforts have been complicated by the fact that government records assigning "family identification numbers" to immigrant families were reportedly deleted. "But no one can make any informed decision, including the court, without additional information". Pacific Time on Tuesday to hear the Trump administration's final list of "groups of parents that will fall into category where it is impossible to reunite by tomorrow". The odds are particularly steep in cases where those parents have already been deported, as the government argued Thursday.

Azar said the logjam was due to previous policies and court decisions that prevent migrant families from being held in detention for extended periods.

According to an administration official, the DOJ now believes the government is on track to reunify nearly all of the those currently eligible by tomorrow, CBS News' Paula Reid reports.

The motion also asked for clarification on the class of unauthorized immigrants that Sabraw's order applies to, including whether it includes parents who have already been deported. He and his two older siblings are now in NY, according to court filings. "Parents have a choice" when they're removed from the country to leave their children behind, he said.

Immigrant children under 5 will be returned to their families.

Azar said fewer than 3,000 total were separated, and fewer than 100 under the age of five.

As they look ahead to reunifications, parents hoping to be in touch with their children via telephone have been stymied by long wait times and high costs.

The DNA verification has been expedited to comply with the court's timeline, although the government worries that some cases could prove to be more complex and might not be verified by the imposed deadline.

"As HHS continues to evaluate the impact of the District Court ruling, and given the constantly changing number of unaccompanied alien children in our care (every day minors are referred to our care and released from our care to parents, close relatives or suitable sponsors), we are providing the total number of unaccompanied alien children in the care of HHS-funded grantees".