Hero puppy saves owner from rattlesnake

A "hero" golden retriever puppy prevented his owner from being bitten by a rattlesnake, Paula Godwin told ABC News Monday. "Nobody wanted to come with me - it's too early", she said.

But it was her golden retriever "Todd" to the rescue!

"This is what a hero looks like", Godwin said her Facebook post, which shows three photos of Todd recovering from the bite.

The adult rattlesnake was right by Godwin's foot when Todd bolted by her leg and was bitten.

Godwin said she would've surely been bit if it hadn't been for Todd's heroic actions.

She took to Facebook to share the story of Todd's wonderful bravery along with photos of the pupper's swollen face and bandaged leg.

His name is Todd, but you could call him a hero, because that's exactly what his owner is doing.

Paula Godwin wrote on Facebook that she was up early to venture out on a hike near Seventh Street in Anthem - north of Phoenix - when she nearly stepped on the reptile. It was a attractive morning but as we.

A GoFundMe has been created on behalf of Todd to help other dogs and owners with anti-venom payments.

The six-month old puppy jumped in front of Paula Godwin. "Please say a prayer for my sweet hero". "Donations are not towards Todd's bill but for those in need of help in paying unexpected vet bills", explained Paula.