German, French leaders propose Eurozone budget

"We see a strong need to significantly reduce secondary preventing unlawful crossing of internal borders between Member States by irregular migrants and asylum seekers and by ensuring swift readmissions by the competent Member State", said a draft of the statement for Sunday's meeting.

But Italy, where a new government includes the anti-immigrant League, made clear it was not willing to play along. He vowed to start implementing his plan beginning from July 1 and argued that as the interior minister he has the right to implement such measures, even if the chancellor opposes them.

"Six-hundred-and-fifty thousand landings in four years, 430,000 applications., 170,000 apparent refugees now housed in hotels, buildings and apartments at a cost exceeding five billion euros".

He added that a ship registered as a "pleasure boat" should not be carrying out rescue operations.

"That's worldwide law" she added.

"These boats can forget about reaching Italy, I want to stop the business of trafficking and mafia", the right-wing leader of the League said. The Maltese email also said the ship "has not manifested any distress". Their proclamations were met with rumours that members of the Italian, German and French governments discussed on June 15 and June 18 proposals about the possible creation of refugee detention camps in North Africa.

"My response is that the interior minister recently presented statistics on crime and they speak for themselves", she said during a press conference after talks with French President Emmanuel Macron.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday that the meeting involves "talking with particularly affected nations about all problems connected with migration". The move was echoed by nearby Malta and the ship was later welcomed by Spain.

Italian government accused ship operated by German NGO of acting 'outside internal law'.

Italy defiantly declared on Saturday that its ports were closed to foreign-flagged rescue ships as German charity vessel Lifeline lay off the coast of Malta in limbo with more than 230 migrants aboard.

The UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Thursday that 220 people had drowned off the coast of Libya in recent days while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.

A Danish cargo ship carrying 113 migrants was also stationed near the Sicilian port of Pozzallo waiting for instructions from Italy.

The issue of migration was thrust to the forefront of the European Union agenda after Italy turned away the Aquarius.

She plans to meet leaders of countries including Italy and Greece at Sunday's mini-summit, which will be followed late next week by a full summit of the 28-nation EU.

"Extremists play on emotions to propose the worst" solutions, he added.

Merkel is visiting the Middle East amid a serious domestic row over migration that's straining her ruling coalition.

But Merkel's coalition partner, the Christian Social Union (CSU), has said it would introduce a ban on entry to Germany for all asylum-seekers already registered in another EU state unless the June 28-29 summit agrees an EU-wide deal on sharing them out evenly.

Rome's government said the Lifeline disobeyed Italian coast guard orders to let the Libyan coast guard to rescue the migrants.