Elon Musk Is Offering To Help Kids Detained At The US Border

In recent weeks, more than 2,500 such children were separated from their parents. "They don't need jail".

Just hours after doubling down on his administration's much-derided policy that triggers separations of migrant children from their parents, Trump braved frustrated and in some cases angry fellow Republicans to assure he wanted their swift resolution to the crisis.

Under the order, the zero-tolerance policy will remain in effect.

Senate Republicans were preparing to advance legislation that would prohibit the government from splitting up families apprehended after crossing the border.

Pictures and accounts of the separations sparked outrage and a rebellion among Republicans in Trump's own party, as well as global accusation that the USA was committing human rights violations. After the Congresswoman from Wisconsin had finished speaking, Trump told her, "Say hello to your father".

He explained the true nature of the journey of minors from Guatemala, Honduras and other Central American nations, explaining that border agents go into the field with toys, clothes and food - purchased with their own money - to try to help the children they find.

Now, questions were immediately raised about whether children will be released into foster or other care at the end of 20 days if their parents' immigration proceedings have not wrapped up.

Democrats said the images of children being held in cages in border facilities, some crying for their parents, would be a moment remembered in us history.

Trump and Nielsen misled the public by denying that separating families was a result of Trump's policy - and many believed them. She also worries that it's even more hard for families to pursue asylum claims while they are in federal detention.

It does not specifically address what will happen to families and children who have already been separated.

President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday to solve the issue of family separation at the border.

Pope Francis is criticizing the Trump administration's immigration policy, telling a news reporter earlier this week that he agrees with U.S. Catholic bishops that separating children from their parents at a border is "immoral".

The details of the executive order continue to be worked out through ongoing conversations between the White House, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security, the source explained.

The order also provides that the Department of Homeland Security won't detain an immigrant family together "when there is a concern that detention of an alien child with the child's alien parent would pose a risk to the child's welfare". "Perhaps I would rather be strong, but that's a tough dilemma", he said. "Those are the only two options, totally open borders or criminal prosecution for law-breaking", the President had said. Trump told House Republicans on Tuesday night he would support either of the immigration bills under consideration but did not give a preference.

"What we have done today is we are keeping families together", Trump said. Even first lady Melania Trump and the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump, were critical of the decision. "NOT ACCEPTABLE!" Trump tweeted in November. "And they are going for the country extremely well", the president said.

"So we will be officially postponing the congressional picnic for tomorrow".

Ryan said the proposed legislation also resolves "in a very elegant way" the status of the so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children who had, under Obama administration initiatives, been offered a path to citizenship.

They are also suing the government in the hope that a federal judge will stop family separations via a court order.