Wendy's Shades IHOP Over Name Change to IHOb in Savage Tweet

When IHOP announced last week in a cryptic tweet it would change its name to IHOb, the restaurant chain aimed to draw attention to the "mystery" of what the letter might stand for.

The tweet includes a video of the "p" flipping into a "b" followed by snippets of burgers cooking on a grill.

"The change, in fact, celebrates the debut of the brand's new Ultimate Steakburgers", the company said in a press release about the seven new all-natural burger varieties. A restaurant in Hollywood has already changed its sign, but in a news release, IHOb shared the name change is only "for the time being".

The company revealed Monday what the "b" stands for - it's burgers.

The company said the secret would be revealed this morning.and it's official.

Another asked why the restaurant couldn't become the International House of Brunch and start serving mimosas.

The change is a temporary push to be recognized as more than a breakfast destination, but for its lunch and dinner options, too.

IHOb has released what the "B" means, and for those of you who said breakfast, you're wrong.

The former leader in much needed hangover food has made a decision to enter into the burger joint business.

Reaction to the name change on social media ranges from excitement and anticipation to confused and baffled. When asked if IHOP was considering food-fusion menu items - remember Burger King's Whopperito or Taco Bell's Nacho Fries?

IHOP's website now features the IHOb logo - but the site's URL remains the same, and its business descriptions and statements continue to list breakfast as a main priority.

"One of the very first things we did was to gauge people's awareness of burgers at IHOP", says Chief Marketing Officer Brad Haley.