Bill Clinton bristles at questions on Lewinsky, #MeToo

McAuliffe, the longtime personal and professional ally of the Clintons who backed their purchase of a NY mansion after Bill Clinton left office, addressed the controversy Monday following the former president's emphatic defense of himself during an interview with NBC News' Craig Melvin on the "Today" show.

More than 20 years since the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton has revealed in a new interview that he never personally apologized to his former White House intern. "That's very different - the apology was public".

Clinton publicly acknowledged at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1998 that he had "sinned". Anne Flaherty is a reporter for The Associated Press.

"There are even some people who feel my White House experiences don't have a place in this movement, as what transpired between Bill Clinton and myself was not sexual assault, although we now recognise that it constituted a gross abuse of power". "All he needed to say in the interview is 'I am profoundly and deeply sorry'". And Lewinsky has, you know, written about this issue. He noted that the renewed focus on the Lewinsky scandal in light of the Me Too movement is due in part to voter frustration with Trump.

Unsurprisingly, the #MeToo movement changed little for Bill. You know, no, I didn't do anything wrong.

Clinton then attacked his interviewer, arguing that he "typically have ignored gaping facts".

Broaddrick, 75, said she couldn't believe her ears when she heard Clinton's comments. "I left the White House 16 million dollars in debt".

The former president was asked during a heated interview that aired Monday on NBC's "Today" if he owed Lewinsky an apology, to which he responded, "No, I do not - I have never talked to her".

KING: So did it seem like he had any regrets over how he handled things at all?

"I don't think there is a fancy way to say that I have sinned".

"I apologized to everybody in the world", Clinton said when asked if he apologized to Lewinsky over the scandal. And he does say, I do have questions about it.

Clinton also asked Melvin if he would have called for former presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson to resign, presumably because of alleged extra-marital affairs while in office. Let's play a quick cut of tape.

"I still have some questions about some of the decisions which have been made", Clinton said. Was he specific at all there? "Being fearless doesn't mean you're not scared, it just means you do it anyway". "And I think what was lost were the two points that I made that are important to me". "I think it's way overdue", he explained. I meant it then, I meant it now.

CLINTON: I had a sexual harassment policy when I was governor in the '80s.