Deadbeat son called cops on dad before finally moving out

Michael Rotondo - the 30-year-old man who was taken to court by his mom and dad to get him booted out of their house - is packing up to leave. but it has not gone smoothly.

Michael Rotondo left the four-bedroom home in Camillus, New York, two-and-a-half hours before the midday deadline, said.

"Being from Upstate New York with the same spelling of the name, being the same age and basically, actually very coincidentally, happen to be looking for a place". The hatchback got a little help from some jumper cables, and Rotondo offered the members of the media gathered outside a tasteful honk of the horn before leaving the block.

Rotondo had avoided TV crews staked out on the upstate NY road earlier Friday morning by leaving from the back, but returned around 9:30 the passenger seat of a pickup truck.

According to the report, Rotondo moved all of his belongings from the home, including a Volkswagon Passat that had been sitting in his parents' driveway, untouched for months.

His parents have been unavailable since they successfully sued for eviction earlier this month.

In other notes, they offered $1,100 to help their son find a new place to live and said they'd help fix his broken-down vehicle, which was parked on their property.

On Friday, Rotondo left his parents' home about 9:30 a.m. ET.

Officers arrived and the Lego bricks were found in the meantime, the newspaper said. "I can't have my phone getting jammed up with nonsense like that", Rotondo said as police responded to his complaint.

Rotondo refused the judge's request to work things out directly with his parents, who sat quietly nearby.

During his vehicle trouble, he told reporters he said goodbye "more or less" to his parents before jumping into his rumbling station wagon. For now, Rotondo says he's "off to an Airbnb".

After that, he tells us he's going to stay with a distant cousin. he just needs to iron out the details.

Calls made to Mark and Christina Rotondo's home Friday were not answered.

"Rotondo said that wasn't good enough and called police".