Hamas to blame for Gaza bloodshed

A poll conducted last month by the Israel Democracy Institute showed high support for the Israeli army's use of live fire against protesters in Gaza, with 83 percent of Jewish Israeli respondents saying it was appropriate.

"The Community has followed with increasing alarm the mounting toll of fatalities and injured among the demonstrators".

The United States moved its embassy Monday afternoon - the day before the 70 anniversary of the modern state of Israel - sparking deadly clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli military.

"We are facing a state of blatant aggression against global law and legitimacy which was embodied by the USA embassy's transfer in the occupying state to Jerusalem", Mr Abul Gheit said.

Abbas also recalled the Palestinian ambassador from Washington this week, cementing an earlier decision to halt contacts with the administration and casting growing doubt on Trump's ambitions to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Israel has, with support from the US administration, accused Hamas of using civilians as human shields for attacks across the fence and to distract from Gaza's internal problems.

Israel hit a Hamas base in an air raid on Thursday.

The New York Times reported on Monday, "At 5:30 p.m., shortly after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, organizers who had been urging people toward the fence all day suddenly began shooing them away, and the day's action quickly subsided".

Additionally, Qatar has expressed in the strongest terms its condemnation and denunciation of the brutal massacre and systematic killing committed by the Israeli occupation forces against unarmed Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The death toll led to worldwide condemnations of Israel and calls for an independent investigation. "This is not a peaceful resistance", he said.

The peace processes they promoted hinged on the core issues of ensuring Israeli security, establishing boundaries between the separate states, deciding the future of refugees and when all else had been resolved, determining the status of Jerusalem.

Police said the suspect presented an expired entry permit to try to enter Israel, heightening their suspicions and leading them to carry out a search on his person, during which a knife was found.

Mr. Trudeau said Israel's use of "excessive force" was "inexcusable" and joined British Prime Minister Theresa May and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in calling for an immediate independent investigation.