East Orchard Mesa girl in 'fair' condition after bear attack

A woman heard screaming outside at around 2.30am in East Orchard Mesa above the Colorado River corridor, the Denver Post reported.

Kimberly Cyr's mother told Colorado wildlife officers that her daughter went outside to investigate what was believed to be their dog making noises. The mother said she then heard screaming and went out to find her daughter being dragged by a large black bear.

The bear dropped the child after her mother yelled at it, officials said. She is at St. Mary's Medical Center in Grand Junction at this moment.

"Our officers are actively searching for the bear and will do so overnight and as long as it takes", said Mike Porras, a spokesman for the CPW's Northwest Region office. If it is captured, CPW said the bear will be put down. The little girl's condition has been upgraded from serious to fair by the hospital.

Local residents have been advised that there will be a heavy law enforcement presence in the area while they search for the bear, including hounds. "Based on bear behavior, it's possible this bear will come back to the area".

Parks and Wildlife authorities said 'Residents are asked to secure trash, keep pet food inside and immediately report any bear sightings in this neighborhood, or any residential area'.