Kyrie Irving Left Cavaliers For Celtics Because LeBron James 'Didn't Need' Him

I sit here and argue daily with the kids in my program about how Jordan is the greatest ever. But being as young as they are, it seems like Tatum will have a few more chance to face LeBron in the postseason. He has a ring for every finger plus one he could give the victor of a Charles Barkley/Karl Malone cage match.

And even more amazingly, again, they did so through an organic rebuild.

If the criterion is based on pure dominance then Wilt Chamberlain should be considered the G.O.A.T.

Not only are his 34.3 points per game more than anyone else in these playoffs, it's on pace to be the most James has averaged since he was 24 years old.

I'll take Lebron James, absolutely. He was also hailed as the first player who reached 30,000 points, 8,000 rebound, and 8,000 assists in February. I remember watching the highlights of Kobe Bryant's 81.

The tweet circulated last fall, about the time of Tatum's first encounter with James and the Cavs. But if he has other plans, he should think about joining another team. At 33 years of age, he's having one of his best regular seasons (and playoffs) of his already-illustrious career. I know the Lakers have the cap space to spend and may have to look elsewhere if James or George don't sign, but I can assure you inking any of these players would be a regrettable decision. LeBron is now averaging 27.2 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.2 assists for his entire career.

To put this season into context, I wanted to look at the numbers some comparable players put up in their 15th season. LeBron finished the Game 7 win with a triple-double (27, 11, 11) and added three blocks, none bigger than the chase-down block on Andre Iguodala with under two minutes to play. Darko Milicic has been missing for the better part of a decade. Because it's that type of longevity and to be able to be up for that long a period of time.

The program, called I Promise, made groundbreaking news three years ago when it was announced that they would spend $41M to send kids to college for free. If he plays at least five more seasons with this same level of production, he might be on pace to be the all-time leading scorer in the National Basketball Association. LeBron has shown us that not only is he one of the best players of all-time, but could instead end up as the greatest player of all-time in the sport of basketball.