Giuliani makes it harder for us to know the truth about Trump

Trump is now considering removing Giuliani from the spotlight and forbidding him from doing television interviews, according to two people familiar with the president's thinking.

It's far better that I draw the fire than the president.

Giuliani told the Post that the reimbursement came out of a $35,000 monthly retainer that Trump was paying Cohen.

Although the president has not publicly affronted Giuliani, Trump's allies have reportedly grown wary of his off-script interviews.

Daniels says it is too late for that, adding: "I know you don't believe in climate change, but a storm's a-comin' baby".

Hannity asked Giuliani, who claimed the Daniels' payout did not violate campaign laws, if the payment was not a problem because "they funneled it through the law firm?" "And he has expressed frustration that Giuliani's media appearances are raising more questions than they are answering". "He's very comfortable with the strategy we're pursuing". He said Trump may defy a subpoena, may plead the fifth and may have paid hush money to more women through Michael Cohen. Sources close to Trump said he thinks Giuliani's interview gave new life Daniels' case.

Trump is also anxious that Giuliani's comments made during a barrage of interviews since joining the legal team two weeks ago could complicate his standing in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation, the Associated Press reported.

Trump also expressed annoyance that Giuliani's theatrics have breathed new life into the Daniels story.

Giuliani also suggested that he wants to wait until after Trump returns from a summit with North Korea on denuclearization to prepare the President for an interview with Mueller. But he later told NBC News that the payment had nothing to do with the campaign and was instead meant to "prevent personal embarrassment and heartache to his wife", first lady Melania Trump. By Friday afternoon, Giuliani released a statement to clarify his remarks.