Trump congratulates Putin for 4th term

Under Russia's constitution, the government is obliged to resign when a new presidential term begins.

He praised Medvedev for working "thoroughly, professionally and honestly" over the last six years during what he said was a "difficult" period for Russian Federation.

Vitaly Mutko served as Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation for sports, tourism, and youth policy from October 2016 to May 2018.

Medvedev's candidature for the prime minister's seat was proposed by President Vladimir Putin on Monday after the inauguration of his fourth term as Russia's president. Former Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov is poised to become deputy PM in charge of the defense industry. "This [government] composition [is] to go with the flow", unnamed federal official told the Bell.

Later on Monday, Putin signed a decree that sets national development targets up to 2024 in a wide range of spheres, including enhancing economic growth and speeding up technological development.

"Vladimir Putin has congratulated the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and the citizens of Georgia and Ukraine with the 73rd anniversary of the Victory and the Great Patriotic War", the message said.

The decree signed this May 7 consolidates 12 national development programs created to better the lives of ordinary Russians, and have confirmed previously raised concerns as potentially yielding massive state spending with no clear target, implementation goals, or funding sources.

Despite the record high supporting rate, Putin is faced with great internal and external challenges in his new presidential term, including revitalizing the Russian economy and handling problems with Western countries, experts said.

Putin's goals are ambitious and projected to cost around $126 billion.