Police arrest 200 people in Paris as protesters petrol-bomb McDonald's

Police had warned on Monday of possible clashes with far-left anarchist groups, known as Black Blocs, after a call on social media to make Tuesday a "Revolutionary Day".

President Emmanuel Macron, elected last May on a promise to shake up France's economy and spur jobs growth, is locked in a battle with the trade unions over his plans to liberalise labour regulations.

Demonstrations which began in different parts of the city remained largely peaceful throughout the day as students, teachers, government employees and private sector workers wound their way through the streets to converge in the downtown area.

Four people, including a police officer, were lightly wounded.

France will increase police numbers for the next round of protests over economic reforms after violent clashes marred the annual May Day rally in Paris, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said on Wednesday, as police announced that 109 people were in custody.

Earlier, law enforcement tweeted there were around 1,200 "hooded and masked" individuals among the May Day demonstrators at the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge in central Paris.

Police were using water cannons and tear gas to disperse the crowd of about 1,200 far-left protestors.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux criticised the protesters for covering their faces. Numerous rioters are hiding their faces with masks.

'Those who wear hoods are the enemies of democracy'.

Over Twitter on Tuesday, Macron condemned the violence and pledged to hold the perpetrators responsible.

"They came to hit capitalist symbols and burn cops".

There is widespread discontent in labour unions over Mr Macron's reforms.

Police said the Black Blocs had mixed into a smaller demonstration of around 14,500 people which took place alongside the official union rally.