Baker Mayfield wants the Manziel Comparisons to End

Cleveland Browns first-round NFL football draft selection Baker Mayfield answers a question during a news conference at the team's headquarters in Berea, Ohio, Friday, April 27, 2018.

Sure enough, that's exactly what hapened and Goldhammer says he'll live up to his promise. I am better today than I was a year ago.

Mayfield was a controversial prospect coming into the draft, but he's a clear victor, favored by the analytical crowd, and is a true leader of men at quarterback.

"The one thing I really love is when you talk to the Oklahoma staff, when he gets to Oklahoma, he begins to learn the play book in three days". While it may turn out that the undersized but feisty and supremely accurate Mayfield's skill set fits perfectly into the NFL game but new general manager John Dorsey was touted as a football man and therefore would have been expected to play it safe. At ESPN Cleveland's draft party, the host declared, with an odd tone of triumph, "I will eat the poop live on air", while a colleague explained that the act would take place next week, presumably after the station procures some horse poop.

Mayfield said he became emotional after looking around at people who stuck with him through good and bad. That is nothing against him, but what I have been able to do is be able to be up front and honest about who I am during these meetings. This is also assuming that Denver will take a QB instead of picking some other player or trading out of the fifth overall pick, both of which are legitimate possibilities. Cleveland has started 28 QBs since 1999.

Mayfield, who could sit behind newly acquired Tyrod Taylor at the outset of his pro career, joins a team that went 0-16 in 2017.

Mayfield won a state championship at AT&T Stadium, won a Big 12 Championship at AT&T Stadium and is now the first pick in the NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium. "I want to be the guy who comes in and helps change the culture of the locker room".

"I have learned from my mistakes".

This is the second straight year the Browns have picked first. "And I will make sure over the next decade or so that they will know that they made a mistake".