Now you can upload multiple videos, photos on Android

Instagram Stories is gaining a new feature should make it easier for customers to share events on their story.

"Tap the new icon at the top right corner of your screen to begin selecting media files from your gallery".

The new update allows users to upload up to 10 pieces of media, be it pictures or videos which will be posted in a single shot.

The edit screen will show a preview of all the pictures and videos you've selected on the bottom of the screen and you can even reorder them. Tapping on each photo will bring it into a fullscreen view with options for adding stickers, filters, you normally would.

Adding photos or videos to Instagram Stories one by one is a tedious job.

The users could download the data by going to the "Settings" and then by selecting the "Privacy and Security".

Instagram's Stories is now the only of its kind to offer multiple photo and video uploads to Stories, making it but more appealing than Snapchat to regular users. Users will only have to enter the email address that's associated with their Instagram account.

You'll now be able to upload multiple photos and videos to your story all at once. For now, just enjoy the update of Instagram stories. Though Snapchat pioneered the concept of Stories, Instagram's active user base of Stories has grown immensely to over 300 million daily users. Users can still edit their photos and videos individually.

These updates are only available to Android users but will be rolling out on iOS in coming weeks. This new tool makes it easier to include a location sticker to an Instagram Story.