Eight-Team XFL Competitor Plans to Launch in February 2019

Former NFL executives Bill Polian and Charlie Ebersol announced Tuesday, March 20, they are establishing The Alliance of American Football. Other games will be available on the league's app, which Ebersol said promises to integrate live fantasy play into the broadcasts. Though the USFL and the UFL and the NFL Europe ultimately proved to be failures, Charlie Ebersol enters this business venture armed with knowledge and experience regarding what has worked and what has not worked with any league that has dared to coexist with the NFL.

In 2001 the XFL only lasted a single season. No such agreement is in place for the XFL.

The Alliance of American Football will kick off the following Sunday. "With Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian at the helm, we are confident that the product they will deliver will be entertaining, exciting, engaging and something that fans will really enjoy".

They're promising to wrap up games in right about two and a half hours, which would be a huge step up from National Football League game length. "Only 1,700 have National Football League jobs. The game will only stop when it naturally stops".

The season will feature eight teams and run for 10 weeks.

If demand for AAF inventory is robust, CBS will be able to use that relative scarcity to its own advantage ... although obviously it's far too premature to so much as hazard a guess about how the market will shake out. On network television (CBS) as well as through a multitude of free digital platforms.

Its opening game, as well as the championship game on the weekend of April 26-28, 2019, are to be televised on the CBS network. It will be interesting to see if this new league can attract fans with a different style of player, but they are trying to change some rules to make things more fun for fans.

Ebersol also backed up his announcement by revealing a media plan, which was not included in McMahon's unveiling of his reborn league.

What's better than two football leagues? "This is a long-term vision", he said. "Our investors here understand that it's a seven-to-10-year plan".

"The eight teams in cities that will be announced in the next three months will start by having regional drafts, protecting eligible players who played in the local community for their college days", writes Rovell.

Advisers to the league also will include former NFL players Hines Ward and Justin Tuck, as well as Dick Ebersol.

Also lending his expertise is former NBC Sports Group Chairman Dick Ebersol, who will serve on the board of the AAF alongside his son.

And while McMahon's money backs the XFL, Ebersol has plenty of support on his side as well. Polian said players released by the National Football League will be "the primary source of talent".

That same point resounded this afternoon.

"We believe fans and players are what's most important", Ebersol said, "so our approach is simple: We've created an Alliance where fans and players share in the success of their teams".