'Fortnite' Gets Xbox One Cross-Platform Support

If you are curious to see how it looks on mobile, check out the reveal trailer below.

On mobile devices, Fortnite is the same 100-player experience on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Starting on March 12th for iOS, players can register to get on their mailing list on Fortnite's website.

Following success on PC and console Epic Games is bringing its hit game Fortnite to mobile devices. If it was truly "for the players", I think letting gamers play together, regardless of platform, would be a cool thing to do!

With a partnership with Sony, "Fortnite" will also support cross-platform play between PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

In an email to Kotaku, a Microsoft representative stated, "Microsoft has always been a leading voice in encouraging the adoption of cross-platform play and the potential of connecting players across PC, mobile and all consoles".

With the crossplay feature, Epic also thought one step ahead as players do not need to make a new account for different devices. Shortly thereafter, players will get an email with a code that can be redeemed on the App Store. However, PS4 and Xbox One players aren't allowed to integrate and Sony might be to blame for this.

Xbox One will support cross-play with Fortnite: Battle Royale Mobile.

Epic Games said it strives to bring "Fortnite" to more people with each platform it supports and each update it releases. Cross-platform play is being introduced to the PS4 version as well, except where it matters.

Once you're signed up, you'll receive an e-mail containing the invitation for an iOS download. Epic Games announced a mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale, the free-to-play multiplayer Battle Royale mode has become quite a craze.

There is no doubt that the Battle Royale genre is a global phenomenon, so more and more companies are interested in developing content that satisfies this growing market. That means Xbox players will get to play with folks on PC, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as retain their progress across those places.