Washington is the first state to pass its own net neutrality laws

If you're just tuning into this mess, the Republican-dominated FCC just killed the net neutrality rule. The difference is that Washington's law will put new requirements on ISPs, and that violations will be enforceable thanks to the state's Consumer Protection Act.

Gov. Jay Inslee is supportive and is expected to sign it into law shortly.

In order to create level playing field for all content creators and to overrule the control of the internet service provider, Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington signed a bill related that sets the rules for the net neutrality in the USA; thus becoming the first state in the U.S. to have its own net neutrality act.

"We feel very confident in our position", Inslee said. "It's allowed the free flow of information and ideas in one of the greatest demonstrations in free speech in history, and what's at stake couldn't be more important".

Inslee said he was confident of its legality saying “the states have a full right to protect their citizens.” Pixabay

Providers are also required to disclose information about their performance and network management practices. The law will also prevent ISPs from slowing down connection speeds, known as throttling, as well as not allow paid prioritization, which is where ISPs favor certain traffic over others.

Yet the FCC decision was not fully supported by all FCC commissioners, as it was only passed after a 3-2 vote in December. The dismantling of the nationwide rules, approved by the Federal Communications Commission a year ago, set off a fierce outcry from consumers and tech companies. That's fine. But we know it's a joke. Inslee called it an example of the state - what he called "the real Washington" - acting to protect consumers after the Federal Communications Commission dropped those protections.

With the move, Washington became the first state in the country to require all broadband providers to adhere to open Internet regulations. Other states, such as California and Washington, have cast a much wider net with bills created to effectively restore several net neutrality regulations for ISPs serving state agencies, businesses, and consumers alike. "Net neutrality is an issue of tremendous importance that will matter today, tomorrow and generations from now".

Some states may follow with similar executive orders when it comes to dealing with the unpopular decision to repeal net neutrality, and ensure that internet service providers won't be able to give preferential treatment to specific companies or websites. We are also very proud that OR is about to get a similar (albeit narrower) law.