Australian PM heads to U.S. for talks with Trump, governors

The White House was put into temporary lockdown during a press conference between President Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull after an incident at a security barrier. We are very satisfied with our laws.

Mr Trump, who wants to have trained armsmen in schools, echoed Mr Turnbull's remarks.

"You have a very, very different history and I will focus on our own policy arguments and debates, and wish you wise deliberation in your own".

This is probably aimed at the One Belt One Road initiative of China, which has created a sense of anxiety among various countries in the region.

"Infrastructure in a growing and secure economy like the United States is often attractive for those funds", said Andrew Shearer, senior adviser on Asia Pacific Security at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

"They're very different countries with very different sets of problems".

Turnbull said that he intends to offer Trump his "deepest condolences" for last week's shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., about 30 miles outside Fort Lauderdale.

They then moved to the Oval Office and the White House media pool noted 15 seconds of silence with no interaction between the Turnbulls or Trumps as reporters watched on.

They further discussed cooperation as terrorist fighters depart Iraq and Syria and return to their home countries.

Mr Turnbull will meet with Mr Trump at the White House on Friday (Saturday morning AEDT).

"Australia is one of our closest partners in our campaign of maximum pressure to denuclearise the Korean Peninsula".

During the joint media briefing, Trump said America's relationship with Australia was "stronger than ever before".

"Generally speaking, when an Australian prime minister meets and American president, the globe is traversed, all sorts of things, the commitments we have in common, where we're going to go in Iraq and all the rest of it, " Beazley told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

"We will hopefully follow in your footsteps", Mr Trump said.

The strong partnership can also be seen in the flourishing economic relationship, he added.

"But I think we're well on the way to solving that terrible problem that happens far too often in the United States", Mr Turnbull said.

"China is tough they're getting stronger to a large extent from a lot of the money they've made from having poor leadership in the U.S. because the USA leadership has allowed them to get away with murder", he said. "Because, as you are demonstrating and as we all know, when you cut company tax, most of the benefit goes to workers". That is a core American and Australian value.