Donovan Mitchell caps NBA All-Star challenges with dunk success

"It was insane", Mitchell reflected. Wearing short shots, Mitchell changed plans after missing his first dunk.

The Slam Dunk Contest has come and gone, Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell is your champion, but it should be Larry Nance Jr. of the Cleveland Cavaliers. His moment. His day.

Glen Robinson III won the 2017 Slam Dunk contest title. He also received a surprise contribution from comedian Kevin Hart. There is no way anyone can tell me Mitchell's dunk deserved more than Nance's 44. It's a dunk that has nuance; the opening act should be an attention-grabber. From the multiple attempts per dunk to the props and lack of stars, fans had plenty to say about the underwhelming dunk contest Saturday night. All these men should be confident coming into this event, as each is more than capable of bringing home the trophy.

Mitchell's statement on why he wanted his sister to be on the court with him only goes to show how much much he loves and appreciates her. 98-96, sealing his victory with a close approximation of the 360-degree spin dunk that Vince Carter used to win the 2000 contest.

"Believe it or not, I've been preparing for this since I was a kid", Mitchell, 21, said.

"That's one you've got to look at the replay and see that I tossed it off the glass, caught it, tossed it back off the glass, finished it all in the air", Nance Jr. said.

Watch that dunk in the video at the top of the page. "I've been seeing what he's been doing all year at his age, which is incredible".

Later, Mitchell became the second contestant to honor a participant in the 1984 dunk contest, donning the retro Jazz jersey of Darrell Griffith - AKA Dr. Dunkenstein.

The rookie does appear to have a legitimate argument as he shouldn't be eight points ahead of a player who didn't connect on any of his tries. Everybody knows about his in-game dunk ability, but what about in a contest setting?

He got three 10s for his effort, finishing with a score of 48.

Phoenix' Devin Booker won the JBL 3-point contest, beating Golden State's Klay Thompson and the Clippers' Tobias Harris in the final round.

After all the years of studying the previous high risers such as Carter, Michael Jordan, Gordon and LaVine, Mitchell is proud to enter that category. "I'm just going to keep being that kid". Like Simmons, Mitchell is on his way to becoming a household name to National Basketball Association fans.

"I got a little team, a little group chat, talk about a couple of dunks here and there so we got something cooking", Smith said.

"Getting the record is a big deal".