Lawton High students celebrate Black History Month

Thursday marked the start of Black History Month. Our goal is to be a district that recognizes, respects, understands and learns from each individual's unique background, realizing that equality comes from tearing down boundaries and building each other up.

During Black History Month, the National Association of Black Journalists president Henry Davis said sometimes, too much of a focus is placed on the oppressive history of African Americans, and not on achievements.

The office of Equity, Inclusion & Multicultural Affairs members will host events throughout the month of February in observation of Black History Month-events such as African drum performances and fashion shows.

The Hanford History Project at Washington State University is kicking February off by hosting an event to help celebrate Black History Month.

It was an important celebration for many.

When a man moved his family hundreds of miles to Huntington in 1892 because it had a high school for black people, he likely didn't realize his own son would eventually become the "Father of Black History".

"While Black History month is only one month long, it is my honest hope that all members of our community will keep the values of diversity and inclusion at the forefront throughout the year".

Woodson strongly believed that education was key to eliminating racism.

"Black folks have always been a people of seekers, makers and doers", he said.

Back then, Ella Reid ran the only library African-Americans could visit. This is the first time LPS has had a black history class.

"If you listen attentively over the next several days, you will hear all kinds of stuff about black history and very little about Woodson", Morris said.