Victim details horrific alleged sexual assault Jackson and Olding trial

The prosecution in the trial of two Ireland rugby players accused of raping the same woman has opened its case for the jury.

Yesterday, the alleged victim gave an account of her experience at the hands of the sportsmen.

She said that after already telling him she did not want to do anything with him, he grabbed her pants by the waistband and pulled them down to her knees. He undid them and pulled them down to my knees. You literally just freeze.

'He sort of pushed me down on the bed.

"But they won't. And that's unnecessary stress for me".

She said she had kissed Jackson earlier in the evening but said: 'Verbally, I had already told him I did not want this going any further.

"He had not in any way sought her consent and indeed had used force to achieve his aim", said Mr Hedworth. "You know where this is going".

He said that at this stage one of the other women in the house looked into the room. "I don't know if he had just moved", she said.

Stuart Olding, left, and Paddy Jackson, right, arriving at court in Belfast this morning.

All four defendants have pleaded not guilty and are on bail.

The witness said that at that stage of the night she chose to leave because she sensed "the attitude had shifted".

'But it doesn't work that way.

"I would just be embarrassed".

The woman is giving evidence from behind a large blue curtain with a camera in front of the witness box feeding into a screen beside the dock.

She was also asked why she didn't tell medical staff about Stuart Olding allegedly forcing her to give him oral sex and she said she didn't think it constituted as rape.

'The night ended, we say, with the first two defendants engaging in sexual activity with that young woman against her wishes, as they well knew or as they simply were not interested in considering.

'His whole stance and demeanour was so aggressive.

At this point, her fighting instinct kicked in, she said. There was not a chance this was going to happen again'.

Details of mobile phone communications were given to the jury of nine men and three women during the opening day of the high profile trial at Belfast Crown Court on Tuesday.

'They rely on your silence. "I was not drinking back at the house but a lot of people were", she said.

Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding are accused of raping the same woman in a house in south Belfast in June 2016.

Two other men have also been returned for trial on charges connected with the alleged incident on 28 June 2016.

Blane McIlroy, 26, from Royal Lodge Road, Ballydollaghan, Belfast, is accused of one count of exposure.

Rory Harrison, 25, of Manse Road, Belfast is charged with perverting the course of justice and withholding information.

She had chosen to speak out, she claimed, because it could have been her friend who stood outside the nightclub that night.

The woman said she ran downstairs and out of the house.

She joined them although it was unclear who actually invited her, and the group travelled in two taxis.